The Six Top Influencers to affect shape, function, and beauty:
1. Bloodflow-Life and beauty is in the Blood! Think collagen, elastin, the peptides of beauty.
2. Posture-What positions and activities of what you do daily that are repetitive that aggravate your cellulite distortions and lines, pulls, tugs, and wrinkles on your skin.
3. Range of Motion- ability for the structures and soft tissues to move and function in all positions, without creating cellulite on your skin.
4. Biomechanics-How you move, and how your body works together against the center of gravity.
5. Strength-how your muscles are able to fire and support and stabilize your body.
6. Emotions-a lifetime of holding onto emotions that affect the density of your soft tissues.
Which influencer do you see is affecting the quality of your fascia health and skin? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.
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