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Quick Tip to Amp up Your Results + Do It Anywhere

This tip is a big key to keeping the fascia internally moist and pliable, so it does not get tangled into “knots” that cause fascia adhesions. Let me know what your take away from this video is in the comments. Product utilized in video: Reduce single-use plastic with this eco-friendly insulated water bottle that […]

Quick & Effective Tip to Change the Look of Your Booty

Leave me a comment after watching this video, and let me know your take-aways. Skin System Products recommended that would assist with your booty are: 1. 2. Feel Great Naked, MA,PT, MT-BC, NMT

Physical Therapy=Skin Aesthetics

The Six Top Influencers to affect shape, function, and beauty: 1. Bloodflow-Life and beauty is in the Blood! Think collagen, elastin, the peptides of beauty. 2. Posture-What positions and activities of what you do daily that are repetitive that aggravate your cellulite distortions and lines, pulls, tugs, and wrinkles on your skin. 3. Range of […]

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