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Driven by passion, purpose, and personal injury, Red Salvation is a holistic transformational physical therapist who helps you embody the miracles of skin regeneration, radiant self love, and the evolution of your soul so you can look and feel great in your skin.

Her innovative non-invasive techniques teach you how to quickly sculpt and reshape your body, reverse aging & master your mindset.

With a unique blend of education: a Masters degree in Teaching, a Licensed Physical Therapist and Certified Music Therapist, and a neurological background, Red brings you a complete holistic approach to mind-body healing that will transform your life.


The Magic of Fascia Regeneration

Fascia is a specialized system of the body that has an appearance similar to a spider’s web. Fascia is a densely woven connective tissue surrounding and penetrating every one of your muscles, bones, nerve fibers, blood vessels, and all of your internal organs, including the heart, lungs, brain and spinal cord. – Hopkins 

The fascial system affects your skin’s appearance since it attaches to every inch of your skin and intertwines and penetrates every structure without interruption, from superficial to deep that exists in your body.

Injury, emotional trauma, biomechanics, asymmetrical posture, poor diet, inflammatory responses, and/or surgical procedures are common reasons that can create restrictions in your fascia.

Your fascia has the ability to regenerate its cellular health and begin a healing chain reaction in your body that has far reaching effects as you facilitate healthy fascia with consistent use of the Shape Tools.

The ultrasound picture on your right is tangled, unhealthy fascia (white disorganized lines) that can give the look of cellulite and contribute to pain. At the Applied Science Performance Institute, 33 individuals underwent 90 days of self-treatments while having Ultrasound, DEXA scans, blood analysis and metabolic testing for a peer-reviewed and published study. The ultrasound picture on your left, the fascia has been restored and regenerated during the 90 day study. If it can happen for these individuals, you can certainly have these results too with consistency.

How to Get Real Results in 6 Easy Steps

Skin Salvation Transformations


Cari Cole, CEO/Founder CCVM: Recording "Label w/o Walls", Grammy Award Winning Clients


"Red Salvation is a powerhouse, inspirational pop artist, who sings directly from the heart. She has knowledge of fascia, anatomy, and how emotions correlate with healing."

CEO/Founder CCVM: Recording "Label w/o Walls", Grammy Award Winning Clients, American Idol Finalist Clients

Jay Dee, Title Examiner Director, Executive Assistant, Skin Salvation Verified Skin Salvation Client


"Red is empowering & very knowledgeable how the fascia, chakras, nerves, and emotions connect! I am in awe of Red's expertise, not only in fascia, but as a Licensed Physical Therapist."

Title Examiner Director, Executive Assistant, Skin Salvation Verified Client

Lisa Vranken, Award Winning TV Producer, “Shark Discoveries”, Co-Author of Best Seller:"Be"


"Red has badass techniques. I saw an immediate difference on my skin. I felt like I was in the hands of Leonardo da Vinci or Michael Angelo sculpting my body."

Award Winning TV Producer, Best-Selling Author of "Sacred Spaces", Co-Author of "BE: From Passion & Purpose to Product & Prosperity" with Ashley Black, & Korie Minkus.

Skin Shaping Tools:

These Grade 1 medical devices are some of the tools I use and highly recommend:

The FasciaBlaster® Nugget is a fabulous pocket-sized tool that helps target the fascia of small or stubborn and hard to reach areas. Make sure to use a FasciaBlaster® prep and massage tool before refining your skin with the Nugget.

The BigDaddyBlaster™ is similar to the original FasciaBlaster®, but with two additional original-sized claws which allow for added coverage on large areas, and the longer bar gives you a wider grip to allow for easier use on areas like your back. 

The original FasciaBlaster® design, but this edition makes you feel like a princess! With a clear body and claws filled with glitter and beautiful rose gold handles and logo, the PartyBlaster will definitely be a favorite in your collection. 

The Extenders are specially designed to grip tight to the handles of a FasciaBlaster, these Extenders make self-use even easier! Adding almost 10 extra inches when using both handles.  Blasting those harder to reach areas like your back is a breeze.

Designed specifically for the face, the The FaceBlaster™ temporarily increases local blood circulation to the face, which is amazing for the skin! It is also a FABULOUS prep tool for all over your body. Users love it for small areas like hands and feet.

The MasterBlaster is the ultimate prep tool used with light pressure and advanced tool with deeper pressure. Use as a prep tool, light and brisk at the surface layer of the skin. Use as a refining tool using advanced techniques.

The PaddleBlaster™ is unique in that it is a larger device with 3 rows of FaceBlaster claws, for a total of 36 claws, allowing for efficient FULL BODY BLASTS. You can do a thorough full-body blast in only 10-15 minutes!

The FasciaBlaster® is the #1 selling self-massage myofascial tool for massaging your tissue. This must-have blasting tool  can massage fascia and muscles on almost any area of the body!

All devices, tools, and information on this site are intended for self-use. You are 100% responsible for how you use it, the pressure, your unique circumstances and any existing conditions. Use at your own risk. Please refer to the instructions provided in each system and suggested use of the fascia shape tools. Actual results may vary.
When you purchase tools using my affiliate links through this website I earn a small commission.

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