Increases Blood Flow-When the fascia Shape Tools are used consistently, the blood flow is increased, creating more blood flow and oxygen throughout your body.  Increased blood flow is equivalent to accessing your own stem cells, leading to decreased wrinkles and diminished signs of aging.

Fascia Health Restoration-The fascia Shape Tools break up fascia adhesions and restrictions (scar tissue) that hold fat pockets in distorted positions, commonly referred to as cellulite.

Fat Lysing-The fascia Shape Tools dissolve fat cells to a liquid state and are removed through your detoxification systems (liver, lymph, kidney, skin, & colon).

Fat Redistribution-The fascia Shape Tools sculpt and can move the fat from one area of the body to a desired area where fat will enhance the look and shape of your skin. (Advanced skill)

Decreases Lymph Congestion-The fascia Shape Tools reduce soft tissue fluid that can become stagnant and place pressure against the skin and distort its look.

Improves Muscle Access-The fascia Shape Tools facilitate muscle activation due to improved nerve conduction, leading to maximal muscle fiber recruitment to increase strength and muscle girth to fill out your skin to diminish and decrease the look of cellulite.

Influencing Shape-The fascia Shape Tools influence how you sculpt your body. You are the artist and the Shape Tools are your paintbrushes to carve the shape of every area of your body.

Don’t know where to Start to Shape you body? I recommend the Starter Pack to get you on your way.

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