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How the Deep Front Line of Fascia Affects Your Skin & Health

What is the Deep Front Line? The Deep Front Line (DFL) is a term used to describe the relationship of the myofascia between our front and back.  Tom Myers, author of Anatomy Trains, has explained that this “train” of muscles and tissue link our toes to our neck anchored by many bony points while passing […]

Connect the Heart Chakra & Your Skin

Do you desire to see & understand the connection of your fascia & emotional layers that scar down your fascia?  Read on… The blog below is symbolic of the DEEP FRONT LINE OF FASCIA=CORE (SEE IMAGE of the Deep Front Line of fascia with the HEART Chakra (energy center in body) in Green in the […]

How Fascia Restoration Produces Real Results

Increases Blood Flow-When the fascia Shape Tools are used consistently, the blood flow is increased, creating more blood flow and oxygen throughout your body.  Increased blood flow is equivalent to accessing your own stem cells, leading to decreased wrinkles and diminished signs of aging. Fascia Health Restoration-The fascia Shape Tools break up fascia adhesions and restrictions […]
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