Do you desire to see & understand the connection of your fascia & emotional layers that scar down your fascia?  Read on…
The blog below is symbolic of the DEEP FRONT LINE OF FASCIA=CORE (SEE IMAGE of the Deep Front Line of fascia with the HEART Chakra (energy center in body) in Green in the middle of your chest. (Yes, the deep front line of fascia is VERY extensive.)
If the heart chakra (the midline of the energy centers of the body) are off-center to the midline of your body, your soft tissues/connective tissues will begin to contract and scar down around this misalignment, and will contribute to these long-term fascia restriction patterns, causing wrinkles, lines, tugs, pulls, & the look of “cellulite” on your skin.
Restrictions at each chakra level can tell you different things about the emotions that might be involved in pulling on your skin and creating health problems in your body.
For example:
1.) Anxiety — Anxiety often manifests in either the root or sacral chakras, but mostly in the heart chakra. The pelvic rotation creates a pull in the chest, cutting off the heart energy.
2.) Depression — Depression can be more varied from a fascia perspective. Most often depression correlates to the heart chakra as well. However, it can have fascia lines pulling into the pelvis, solar plexus or throat, creating tugs, pulls, lines throughout the entire body that contribute to creating cellulite on your skin with the far reaching effects of emotions and fascia inter-connections.
I use several powerful modalities to release emotions and the fascia to decrease the pull on your skin from the inside out & outside in!
Tissue memory is far-reaching. Every cell in your body stores emotional information. Whatever the source of the physical or emotional pain, Myofascial Release/Unwinding and Fascia manipulation with the Shape Tools give the body and mind an opportunity to reconnect, integrate and heal the body and skin from the inside out.
Skin Salvation connects the dots between fascia health, the look of your skin, & your unprocessed emotions.
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