Have you struggled with emotional or physical pain? To be honest, I have had a deeply painful journey with my father.

Fascia reflects like a mirror of all that is going on in your body. It speaks of emotional pain, physical pain, how you process emotions, how much you absorb nurtrients into your body, etc… You know I can go on & on about fascia.

Fascia holds emotions, & if the pain is deep & long enough, the fascia will contract, scar down, & compress your tissues, locking down your mobility & the skin you live in.

My passion to serve others comes from a place of being locked in my own pain, causing extreme emotional & physical distress on my body.

As you have followed me over the years, you may have noticed a shift in me: moving to wholeness: mind, body, and spirit.

It has been a journey of a willingness to look within & let go of a cistern of anger I kept suppressed in my body (fascia), & to choose to forgive. Being willing to take the risk to heal that space has brought so much healing & light into my heart & now I am able to see and love my father from a place of compassion.

Will you be willing to go deeper today, to explore your pain that affects how you look & feel? Will you be brave today, to ask the question, or to be open to ask the question, who do I need to forgive, even if that is yourself?

Shift your Skin, Inner Self, & Soul Fast,


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